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Expand production and enterprise scale and strengthen its competitive power

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The company is located in the northwest of Yangan flavoring market, and on the west side of Jiyan Road. The company has a floor area of 34,850 square meters, a building area of 10,000 square meters, a total staff member of 121, fixed assets of RMB 10 million and a working capital of RMB 7 million. The company realizes gross annual sales of finished products of RMB 28 million and creates profits and taxes of RMB 1.1 million. Its main products include “Xiangzhongxiang” family series of flavoring food and more than 20 powder flavoring series of products such as ginger powder, pepper powder, five-spice powder, garlic powder and black and white pepper powder. The company realizes a monthly processing productivity of more than 280 tons of flavorings and an annual processing productivity of 3,000 tons. The company has made long-term supply relations with more than 20 manufacturers such as Uni-President Group, Hualong Group and Dingyi International Food Co., Ltd. The company newly built a processing workshop covering the area of 4,000 square meters, a warehouse covering the area of 3,600 square meters and a hard site covering the area of 7,000 square meters, and invested RMB 4.5 million in introducing 15 pieces (sets) of dehydration equipment such as crushes, slicers, barking machines and dryers to expand production and enterprise scale and strengthen its competitive power. The company plans to invest RMB 10 million on the present basis to further increase input in science and technology, introduce talent and develop new products. Meanwhile, the company built a chilli, pepper, medlar, garlic and fennel base covering the area of 800 mu in the town. The company has created larger development scale for the town.

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